I Blame The Cook

When I fist came to Atlanta over a year ago one of my friends Vinnet use to take me to this place called Cafe Dupri. The first time I went I was not impressed, I ordered catfish and waffles and they brought me out cold fish sticks and a somewhat warm waffle-I was over it. Being that this was Vinnet's favorite restaurant I proceeded to go again.

Second visit I ordered shrimp and grits which was more like shrimp cocktail and porage. But catch this gag, I didn't even realize that it was owned by a celebrity until one of my friends said " hey let's go to Jermaine Dupris restaurant", I agreed ofcourse until I realized that this awful place called Cafe Dupri was his spot- oh no mam. Well they've closed up shop and according to WSBTV the restaurant’s employees were left without paychecks or jobs. Workers had complained for weeks about bounced checks and bank notices of insufficient funds.

Jermaine Dupri’s mother, Tina Mauldin, told Channel 2 Actions News the restaurant closing was a “business decision”. She also took a swipe at her former employees, saying maybe if the employees had worked harder, Cafe Dupri would still be open. I agree, I mean Im diggin homeboy's chef get up, the double breasted uniform with black buttons is sick, peep his initials-now that's some classy shit but if you can't cook, you can't see coins.

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