Title The Food Connoisseur

It's been weeks since Sydney and I saw eachother, she's the girl that I worked with this summer. Yeah, the one with all the shoes. So we took advantage of the sun on yesterday and hit up Star Provisions on Howell Mill Rd here in Atlanta.

Let me go back-our first day of meeting we were sent out to pick up garment bags from Prada I believe, at this time it's 90 something degrees in New York so Syd and I are strolling through the city, she's carrying 3 bags or more in pumps. Yes, pumps-so when I saw that I knew we would become friends. We literally had lunch together everyday and this girl can eat, no seriously. It was this one day we went out for lunch, I ordered 5 pieces of sushi and she ordered these big banjee nachos, after her taunting me I acted as if I was full but once she turned around I let those nachos have!!

So she always use to talk about Star Provisions because ny food was crappy, so finally when I ate there I realized why this is one of her favorite spots. I ordered the organic chicken sandwich and it was so good, sadly I could only eat half-Syd always makes fun of how little I eat, one time she ate a whole foot long at Subway, while I could barely finish the 6 inch. She says I eat like a bird, but her title is Syd The Food Connoisseur. m a r q u i s . p h i f e r