Rising STAR - Floyd Hobson Photography

Searching the dark caves of Facebook and Myspace I have come across several talented and hungry individuals that are eager to test the waters and flex their creative muscle in this vigorous industry. I give to you Floyd Hobson. Owning his own company Hobson Fotografie Inc. - Floyd is a talented and uber-eclectic being that I feel definitely has what it takes to attack this dog eat dog arena. The hidden meanings and messages behind his ART is what intrigued me the most... have a look.
Inspired by Steven Meisel, Marc Baptiste, and Mario Sorrenti Floyd's premise is to combine the high end of Urban fashion with that of European culture. He plans to implement a point of view to where as he can take a regular individual off the street and take them to the apogee of creative expression in the forms of fashion photography.

(( is the limit))