Uh-Oh - Stefano Doesn't See It

According to the New York Times Magazine Stefano Pilati feels that Tom Ford (the successor to the YSL empire) is "talented but NOT gifted". Hmph. I don't know how I take that statement. In the interview he doesn't hold back as he expresses his feelings about the clean cut designer.

"Tom had a very precise vision of the company that didn't challenge women," he said. "Tom is talented but not gifted. That's the way he managed the business. Tom would say: 'We can't do this silhouette because she looks fat.' Or, 'Oh, no - women don't like this fabric; we can't use it.' That mentality was something to learn but was so far from my way of thinking. Why do you want to be safe? I'm more like: Why don't you wear grey flannel for an evening dress? I find that fantastic! Not Tom, never."

Sighs. I suppose when your position is taken on by another GURU - the SHADE is felt. Welp. Let's all sit and wait to see how Ford holds down the fort.

((..yep. it's def SHADE))