Behind The GIANT Men's Spread

I can recall this past summer as if it happened yesterday-Marquis I need you to go through these model cards, pick the guys you like, contact the brands, pick up the garments from the showrooms, stop by David Yurman to pick up $20,000 worth of jewelry and report to the photo shoot location at 8am--done. This where it all came to life, the work was well worth it.

Shadowing GIANT Magazine's Fashion Editor Aixa Weekes and Fashion Assistant Kenyatta Smith I was molded into the man I hope to become. [ Inserting diary moment ]--I'll admit at times I keep some things to myself, I've learned that most people have insecurities and I can come off as "arrogant or self absorbed" when Im just speaking the facts--I was coined by a few fashion stylist in New York as the next Andre Leon Talley--what do you want me to do? Im sorry. Now some of you just read that and said "oh boy, oh he's too much, oh girl, oh I don't see it" lol mmm hmmm... I heard some of you but you're the ones that don't wish me good health anyway so it's kool--be open with how you feel, Im ok with it. Im beginning to learn how not to water myself down-making it easier for some to swallow. I don't make this stuff up, it's a true story.

General Statement: When you hustle hard sometimes you derserve certain rights.

Behind The GIANT Men's Spread-this is when I figured out that I must make some real coins-the clothes; $16,000 croc bags, YSL, Prada, Gucci, Burberry I wanted to take home all of it!!! I had to take pictures of each model in the looks and when they were done I was trying on the clothes-Im a mess. I want those purple round toe Prada shoes in the first pic, that oversized grey sweater and that Ralph Lauren double breasted cardigan. And I want that green Sean Jean cropped jacket, the YSL Johnny Boots, the silver Prada suit, that Burberry jacket, those Gucci pants, the suit Ryan Leslie has on....Remember to pick up the current issue of GIANT Magazine to see the spead!!!

stylist: John Moore

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