Food Find...And It's Not A Chop

Finding good food in any city can be a challenge at times, it seems as if most restaurants abandon seasoning and texture-but not this place. I was in the mood for something light, so my friends and I headed over to Strip in Atlantic Station here in Atlanta. I ordered the california rolls and sauteed spinach-the greens were fresh and had little chunks of garlic infused in each bite. They chose to go with fried calamari and chicken salads. They really wasn't livin for the calamari, I've ordered it before and loved it but they didn't see it-it still didn't stop them from eating it, they cleaned that plate tender.

Oh let me get to that boring chicken salad, they said it was really good but they need more people. My suggestion when going to any new restaurant is to ask your waiter what items are most popular-some places are good for certain things, it's like shopping at Pennys for Cavalli, know what it's calling for-didn't your momma use to call it Penneys instead of JCPenney or was mine the only one...ma r q u i s . p h i f e r