I Could Eat This Forever

Most have that one item/brand that they will never substitute nor is there any product that taste like it-think Diddy and Motts Apple Sauce well my favorite jump off snack is Naturally More Peanut Butter-I could eat this on some wheat grain saltine crackers for the rest of my life.

Naturally More is all-natural, contains no cholesterol, and has no trans fats. Naturally More's unique formula has a peanut butter base fortified with flax seed, flax oil and other nutrients to provide all the protein and essential fats needed to keep the body naturally balanced. While normal peanut butter is almost exclusively monounsaturated fat, Naturally More contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. It’s What Peanut Butter Should Be!

And it keeps you in the "sample size".

Try it.

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