Happy Birthday To Me [ Black At 3 ]

Ok so Im back on track now, my whole weekend was pretty krazy. Well I turned 19 again. Yes 19 ( not really ) lol and it was the best time ever. First I would like to thank Janelle Monae and Brian White ( Stomp the Yard, Daddy's Little Girls, Trois 3 ) for the Birthday wishes. I decided to throw a Black at 3 Gala in celebration of my Birthday, I wanted only a few selective people so each guest was phone called for the invite. I wanted everyone to wear all black, I had vintage Marilyn Monroe black and white art work as the decor--along with pastel color roses-Sex & The City and Breakfast at Tiffany's were the movies shown on flat screens.

I served food in 3 courses--shrimp and grits, biscuits, chicken and waffles, fruit soaked in coconut rum and mimosa's. The event started at 3am, yes that's right 3am and no camera's were allowed. There are literally no pictures of my "social session"-I don't throw parties, so you would have had to been there to experience it. The music was old New York-Biggie, Lil Kim, Jay-Z with a few Teena Marie, Vanity 6, Prince and Shelia E. tracks. I love it. And why is it that my phone was ringing off the hook hours before the session from people that I didn't know trying to get in, Im still trying to figure out how they got my damn number. But I really want to thank everyone for coming, it was the best. Only 3 pictures were taken.

Special thanks to Damien Brown ,Kameron Glasper and Brandon Douglas for hosting.

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