Great, Now I Can Buy Those Prada's

Let's face it, we all like to eat but I don't spending alot of money for my meals. Cheap food is always fatting so Im excited that I found this spot called Thumbs Up here in Atlanta. This joint offers a few healthy choices and some of the best breakfast and lunch items. I've been a few times and I always order the veggie bagel with sliced smoked turkey breast on the side while my friends order the fried catfish, cheese grits, chicken and waffles and pancakes. I let them indulge because I prefer to be the smallest one in the group. Oh yea so here's the good part, the food is so cheap, my meal was only $6.00 and my friends was only $ 8.00. Don't believe me, look at the receipt. Spend less on food so you can spend more on garments.

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