The Hungry Man

Ok so I've never seen anybody eat like my friend Damien Brown. No seriously. Yesterday we hit up one of my favorite restaurants here in Atlanta called Star Provisions and this boy ordered 2 shrimp po-boy's while I opted for some punk ass organic chicken sandwich. I've been trying the whole go green thing, keeping my foods natural. That's how you keep the skin nice and tight. But Im so upset because I have to fight my waist line and he orders the whole menu-still being able to fit into sample sizes. Don't you just hate that friend that can eat anything they want but not gain a pound, but you on the other hand watch every calorie you intake. Im over these girls with high metabolisms. Die all of you!!! Lol. Organic Chicken Sandwich-it looks boring but it's really good.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r