Sticky & Sweet

I can't even lie, although my diet is very strict I sometimes dabble on the wild side and my favorite piece of heaven is a donut. I don't really use Krispy Kreme, they're too damn sweet, I like more bread in my donut. So I spent one afternoon trying to find out who had the best donuts and I randomly found this joint in Decatur Georgia called Dunk Cosmic Kitchen.

"The little shop and dining room tucked into East Decatur Station off College Avenue prides itself on making almost everything from scratch with food from meticulously chosen suppliers. Duck's is most famous for its baked doughnuts, selling about 650 of them every week. Originally intended to be muffins, the recipe took many turns in a variety of pans before it grew into the craveable buttery, sugary coffee companion it is today. "We discovered those doughnuts by accident," she says. "Someone at the shop suggested we put them on the menu, and I said, 'These won't sell,' but they have paid the rent ever since."

Disclaimer: I only had ONE donut. Don't give me too much.Ann Duckworth won't say a word about the recipe, but customers like to rib her that the main ingredient has to be crack. I agree. It's all about moderation people and I ate this during my BDay weekend, Im back on track now.

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