Everything I Am [ I Got An Email ]

Ok I'll be serious for a moment, when I inspire others it really makes me happy because I didn't have anyone to look up to growing up. I basically raised myself. I think that's why Im so mature and focused now. That's where my big EGO comes into play, I know what Im doin. All this makes me who I AM.

Aight so it's Saturday morning and I woke up to an email that I got from this young lady.

"I'm not going to lie, you are super inspirational. Do not let anyone tell you differently. Love your style. I am no "serious" fashion head by far, though you inspire me to get it together and be MY absolute best. For years I've been so beautiful and really fly "for my size." Not anymore hunny. I'm tossing that mess out the window. When I see you and the crew doing your thing, it inspires me to do mine, absolutely. So I'm shaking this weight off and preparing for some serious frontin'. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm fairly new to the Atlanta area but, hopefully I'll see you around. Keep doing it, period."-Dalandra

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