I Am...Martha Stewart

[ Well The Male Black Version ]

You know one of missions in life is to inspire and make YOU the best that YOU can be & sure you guys have taught me somethings about myself [ smirk ]. My email box, let's talk about that. I get TONS of emails and again I read them all. But I can't respond to all of them. But when I see someone in need of help then you are the chosen ONE.

"My name is Tyler, I am a teen living in Los Angeles and I have a somewhat problem. One of my best friends is turning 18 soon, and I am trying to plan a somewhat upscale ALL black attire party. Im not a very good party planner for others, but I think you could give me some insight on how to turn this shit out. The party is on November 29th and we've offically started planning today. If you could please contact me soon I would really appricated!


Well Ty Ty, is that ok if I call you that...Im gonna help you out a lil, and I can't really put that Phi touch on it but I can give you some pointers. When planning a party keep a tight guest list, people love exclusive events because it makes it that much more intriguing, and it's the perfect way to get back at the people you don't really care for-they'll be looking for an invite that didn't come. Keep the location of the party under wraps until 2 days prior. Diddy does it. Also you should have a theme for your party, dress code is key-it's always fun to see people dress up. The theme should tie along with the food you'll be serving, those lays chips and dip days are over. Get you a Sams, Costco or Kohl's card and buy food at a discounted price. The decor should be simple, no balloons or banners that say Happy Birthday!! thanks. Use fresh flowers and a nice color scheme. It's all about being chic. Load your iPOD with beats that you want to be the soundtrack to your party-I hope this helps, if not I'll takecare of everything for a flat fee.

I do parties now ya know.

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