Real Talk [ Not For Commercial Use ]

"Hey Mr. Phifer. My name is Brandon, and I've been looking at your blog and you got some serious fashion sense (You probly heard that a 100 times already). I live in Alabama and I was interested in attending Morehouse in the near future. I'm 15 years old and I've been trying to dress preppy and sophisticated. lol. I was interested in knowing how the lifestyle is and how you balance the life. What do you do for a living? You and I, I think we have a lot in common just by looking at your blog. But yea man just hit me back up."

I get emails everyday from all wonders of the world, although Im not able to respond, I read them all. My first response was to say: What do I think of success?-it sucks too much stress. I guess I blew up quick, cause friends I grew up with see me as a primi, but I'm not and my nut's big. I don't know what the fuss is my career is illustrious. My rep is impeccable I'm not to be fucked with. Sometimes when Im in my room by myself I often wonder why God gave me this platform. Then when I get emails like this I see who the kids gon listen to-I guess me if it isn't you. Im game.

You know I rarely get emails asking me how do I balance the life, most think Im some sort of robot, I hurt, I have feelings. Class is about to start so I have to wrap this up. My response to this young man is that this whole preppy and sophisticated thing isn't just a look, you gotta be what you wear. Life is a lookbook but you gotta have a strong collection first. The lifestyle is alot of pressure, everyone want it but it ain't that serious-you got people sitting waitin for you to fail-you'll learn that soon enough. But then God gives me hotlines so I always stay connected. And what do I do for a living? Lol I wear too many hats so I'll just say Im just a young college student who den just flipped the game from Houston.

Let's stay in touch.

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