The Phi Weigh [ Ab Workout Plan ]

STOP THE TRACK, LET ME STATE FACTS. IM ASKING FOR YOU TO GIVE ME A MINUTE & I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!!Oh see yall thought I was playin right...nope. When I say Im gonna do something I mean it. Knocking this extra weight off don't take years, well it's not gonna take me that long. See Sham & I got some shit about to pop off and I need to be 20lbs slimmer lol. I loaded my iPOD touch with I Am Sasha Fierce and she gets me right together. I spend 60 minutes on the treadmill and I might be taking a vacation from blogging, Im going through my changing stage, I haven't got a haircut in weeks. Im feelin it right. New look for 09. But hey it's cuddling season and I know Thanksgivin and Christmas is around the corner so don't get caught up. The weather has changed so I moved my workout into the gym.See you been thinkin about gettin slimmer yourself, you just needed that extra push. Follow my steps. Cause Im on it.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r

Ab Workout Video Below