808's & Thank Yous

[ Thank Me? No I Thank You ]"mr.phifer i'd just really like to thank you for your blog. before your blog i didn't really want to stand out as an individual even though i couldn't help it. but when i started reading your blog it gave me new found confidence. your hustla spirit for blogging really touched me . i won't lie i did try to start my own blog but it didn't work out the way i wanted so i went on to start my own heart pin business which has been doing pretty well seeing as that i'm 16 ,started with 14.00 , and do them by hand. if it had not been for your blog and sham -your hustler mentality to feed off i probably wouldn't be considered the trendsetter i am at my school. thank you "-jay gaudwen

Dear Mr. Phifer,
"Hi my name's Michael. I'm 15 years old and live in Sacramento, California. I read lateboots everyday and I love it! You're sense of style is impeccable. You are such an inspiration to young men like myself who like to dress nice and carry themselves well. I'm currently a sophomore in HS and have been wanting to go to Howard University forever (my sister goes there), but now I'm really considering Morehouse College. There's not a lot of educated black people with class in California like there is on the east coast, so you guys really are an inspiration for me. Keep doing what you're doing!"-

I get it. You got 1,000 insecure girls bitching and moaning. But then you get that 1 daydreamer at the end of it all. I always wondered, now I know what it all means.

"They used to feel invisible. Now they know they invincible".

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r