Custom Vs. Off The Rack-D.Brown

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1) a bespoke suit will give you the best fit only if your tailor is good. When it's done right it's the best, but it sometimes takes the best to be done right. If you have a average body, then an OTR with alterations will serve you very well at a lesser cost. If you are having trouble though, than you should go custom. The cost for bespoke can sometimes be pretty steep, so you could do a made-to-measure job, which is like 'super alteration' done on an existing pattern.

2) probably OTR and altered--sometimes with photo trickery and pinning. The high price is often based on the brand name, and I really can't see someone like Jon Green even bothering to advertise there.

3) for bespoke you have the power to choose exactly what fabric you want, so if durability is your main criterion, then go for a fabric that will give you that.

4) You should get as close as possible to what you want, as it will make the alterations easier. the parts you want to fit properly are the shoulders, which are the hardest part to alter on a suit coat. Find a good tailor near you and ask him for advice.