Doesn't This Make U Wanna Hustle Harder

[ No Passengers On My Plane ]
Leaving in a few days and I hate the airport so I drown my surroundings with a mix of songs that makes me think Im riding in this....I know it's sick right...well I guess first class is the closest ......naw it ain't. I'll save my coins and just press play.My Airport iPOD Playlist [ Upfront In The $ky Playlist ]

Jay-Z -Blow The Whistle, A Billie Remix, Hustin Remix, I Know, Sweet, Success, Justify My Thug, My 1st Song, U Don't Know, I Just Wanna Love You, Streets Is Talking, 1-900-Hustler, Big Spender, Hollywood, Politics As Usual, Dead Presidents, Feelin It, Can I Live, Bounce, Cashmere Thoughts

Notorious B.I.G.- Juicy, Hypnotize, Another, Big Poppa, Dead Wrong, Spit Your Game, Gimme The Loot, One More Chance

Junior Mafia- Get Money, Players Anthem

Lil Kim-No Time, Not Tonight, Diamonds, Crush On You, Drugs, Big Momma Thang, Custom Made, Who's Number One, No Matter What They Say, Hold It Now, Doing It Way Big, Rockin It, The Jump Off, Download

Prince- Kiss, I Feel For You, Controversy, I Would Die 4 U, Let's Go Crazy, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Erotic City, If I Was Your Girlfriend, She's Always In My Hair

Kanye West-Brand New, Impossible, Spaceship, I Wonder, Can't Tell Me Nothing, Champion, Say You Will, Robocop, Paranoid

Beyonce-Ain't Nothing Out There For Me, Crazy Feelings, Work It Out, Hip Hop Star, Signs, Yes, Speechless, Back Up, Upgrade U, Green Light, Kitty Kat, Lost Yo Mind, Creole, If I Were A Boy, Smash Into You, That's Why You're Beautiful, Disappear, Single Ladies ( Put A Ring On It ), Diva, Ego

Pharrell Williams-Frontin, Number One, Show You How To Hustle, Young Girl/ I Really Like You, Take It Off ( Dim The Lights ), How Does It Feel?

You'll be to your destination in no time. All songs can be found on iTUNES, jet can be found when you got your coin game ^^.

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