No, It's Not Billionaire Boys Club

[ I Do More Than Just Care ]You know how much I love the prep/rugby look so I had this letterman jacket custom made. I couldn't find anything that embodied the old school look so ofcourse I played designer. Peep my name on the left side. Yeap!! Now here comes the shouting part, myself along with a few others is starting a lifestyle collection line which means you'll be able to order customized garments tailored to fit your lifestyle!! Yeah this means no one will really have what you have on. Exclusive.

Im keeping everything under wraps until next year. We'll be working with a few designers to create unique pieces that the sneaker market and the royal courts can wear. Im talking cashmere throws to cardigans and wool bow ties. The price point will be somewhat high, hey save your lunch money, but it'll make you feel real good when you rock it. Prestigious even.

Look for it in '09.

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