P Sims & Boy Phifer In The TX

Aight aight so check it. Have you missed me? Oh sure you have...So I been on my lil vacat spending time with the fam ( half smile ) and catching up with my people back home. No lie some people I could careless to see. I've driven by the houses of some of my child hood friends and kept driving.

Yo I don't know, Im just tired of the same questions..hows Atlanta, hows school, what's your major, as if. And everybody has gotten so big, corn feed nigg@s. Every chick that I knew when I was younger has 3 children or more. No Mam. Get me outta here.So on a lighter note my boy P Sims & I caught up for dinner, the only person I've seen since I been back home. I've known P for a few years and he's busy recording. Visit his myspace to see if you live. Click here now

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r