The Phi Camp-D. Brown

This might be a secret, or not, but in order to be successful you must surround yourself with talented individuals. Yeah I had to learn things the hard way but now that I've started over from scratch the collection is now stronger. Since Im going on vacation I would like to formally introduce you to New York's own Damien Brown. Now if you follow the blog you've noticed him either in front or behind the camera but little do you know how talented this young man is. He's been featured on The Sartorialist, worked with Ne-Yo and he's about to manage a men's boutique here in Atlanta. Damien is the perfect gentlemen, from his knowledge of decor, patterns and textures. He's schooled me on the perfect blazer to the Monk Strap shoe. I call him a lifestyle specialist. He's my right hand man and everything that I do goes through him first.

Currently he's back home in New York so be prepared to learn a few style and dining tips...he's like the perfect guide!!!

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