Sham & I Reporting Live From The Air

Just another day at the LB headquarters...both Sham and I will be in the air today. She's headed one way and me the other. Who knew you could blog on a blackberry while at the airport. I always cheat on my diet at the airport. Like nobody will see me. The hot dog and pretzel combo is so chic. I never know what to wear here so I just throw on shades, jeans, over sized shirt but with a nasty shoe. You never wanna look like you're riding under the plane. And order double shots of vodka on the plane, it makes the flight go by faster and plus I've outgrown those free sodas and is it me or does the SkyMall magazine be selling some of the most random shit? Oh and a tip, since I don't play with the baggage check-in ladies I arrive to the airport 30 min before my departure. The flights be delayed most of the time and I hate sitting in that lobby watching CNN reports. Arrive just in time. The 30 min rule.

Have a safe flight Sham. Cause you did see what happened to that plane that was trynna leave Colorado. No mam.

m a r q u i s. p h i f e r
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