So Im Going On Vacation

[ And I Need A Bag ]
It's Christmas season and it's that time where you have to go visit your family, my mom text me [ I don't like talking on the phone unless it's about $$ or business. Which is the same to me. ] She asked if I was coming home and since I have yet to get my MarquisJet Card I have to fly American Airlines. Im not a fan. I hate baggage claim and my flight has one stop so I told her I was only bringing a carry on which means I'll have no garments prior to my arrival home. Here comes the shouting part, I told her that she'd have to buy me a new RL collection and that was the only way I'd come home. Genius right. She can't make me wear the same ensemble for two weeks, or am I even staying that long. So I've found some bags [ or dat money ] over at Brooks Brothers.Deerskin Weekender
Sale: $1650.00

Crocodile Weekender
Sale: $11250.00

Vegetable Tan Travel Bag
Sale: $1275.00

She's got a place in my heart.

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