This Is The Difference Between You & I

Yall get magazines and yall went out and bought it, I get magazines and you know I ain't pay for just a lil vintage Kim remix, simmer down. Ok so today was the last day for school, YES!!, and after all these test and shit I came home to a surprise---Sasha Fierce perched infront of my door. I don't think they've hit stands here in Atlanta yet, but I could be wrong. Either way I got mines. Oh peep the M initial bookmark!! ha, that's why I read, I wanna build buildings...The M Tower?...just a thought. Oh yeah so back to the story, I rush in my house, tear open the package, thanks to the Fashion Editor of GIANT, and I see Sasha. Not one, but two copies of Sasha!! One will go in my archive of mags and the other I'll tout in my bag. I need one for the car too.....And make sure you run out and get your copy!!! It's a collectors item. Or be fly and put a subscription on it.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r