Would You Be Mad If You Didn't Get An Invite?

[ No-No, That Wasn't A Question ]*Pic above from a typical night with Phif. Tip: name drop in Atlanta, I haven't waited in line since I went public.

Myself along with Lavish Life Social Club and a few others brings you Penthouse Suite: The New Floor. This is where we hand invite no more than 120 people to an exclusive location over seeing all parts of Atlanta [ the skyline is so high you can see Paris from the backyard ]. We have 12 cases-not bottles of champagne on deck to bring in 2009. The white VIP room is murda, I think that's where I'll be all night. There'll be heavy security on staff so don't try nothing cute. So I'll be spending the rest of the day going through these literary form notes for my test tomorrow---oh and these names. Who do I even wanna spend New Years Eve with besides E & J?

Since I have a few spots available on the list I wanted to invite some of the LateBoots viewers, not the ones that love me, but the one's that can't stand me. I think it would be fun but Sham just smacked my hand so I guess it's back to the good. Send me an email if you wanna come and I'll see. Only 2 people will be picked.
Please be from or in the Atlanta area prior to event.

Yeah it goes far beyond just a blog/blogger. Im trynna get sick and filthy with benj’s I can't spend.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r