99 Problems. Flying Ain't One.

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Ok so I'll let you in on one of my secrets, many wonder how do I deal with the stresses of being myself and or original, throw in school and few pissed off audience members and you have depression 101. But not me, is my therapist, with flights to almost anywhere for a cheap price, my mind stays clear of the things of the world. Some might see it as running away from problems but I rather resort to islands instead of violence. "Im in the air so I never hear peoples corny wrecks". I can leave Atlanta and be in Miami for $177.00, that's some touch down and take off the same night shit.

True Text Storie: Feb 5, 2009-10:34 am, getting ready for passport photo

Marquis: Should I wear a turtle neck or a white collard shirt for my passport photo
Damien: Turtle. It's a chic look for a headshot. White is to simple, it's not a FBI bagde
Marquis: Lol, white 501's or sweat pants
Damien: 501's, there internationally acceptable for classic denim. You do want them to think you're a world traveler.

Next storie is to mark that passport up with destinations.