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Editorial: Michelle Obama in Vogue

I sometimes wonder who picked the cover, it's like huh? Google for the image, I refuse. I could've done better with a Sony Cybershot, but nonetheless I'll be happy, Michelle being the second first lady to appear on the cover. Hilary was on it November 1998 I think it was. I love Michelle's infatuation with J.Crew, showing that all women can dress for the low low, as she's pictured in the first pic but Im getting so bored with those premature heels, can we get some ballroom queens or drags to beat her. Beyonce learned and now she's ovah-did I say that right? ( Second pic she's wearing Narciso Rodriguez ).

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz at the Hay-Adams Hotel, the pictures leave me unsatisfied. I don't know, it's just boring and typical. It's like an editorial that should've been between the pages of Town & Country. This is the first lady and Vogue is a fashion magazine correct. Blank stare*, fashion magazine right...I expected more, fashion.

On one side Im excited that she's even on the cover, I feel like Im suppose to be, it's history, but as a creative advanced placement individual Im not really feelin it. Now I may not have the credentials nor is my background in publication but I do know how to put together a decent editorial story. But Andre Leon Talley saved this issue with his interview with Michelle, click here to read.