Big Girl Eat.

Photos: I sin

Yoooo, so you know I been on this crazy diet for months now-I told you to give me a minute and I'll be right back! But this weekend I said screw it and went off. Im talking Ms.Cheesecake; I went in on a mission and left satisfied, everything was amazing, I had forgotten how good pork and grease was. I made the mistake one time and ordered some healthy fish tacos, -----flat line. But it's ok to eat like this once every now and THEN, not so much the NOW. I'll be writing a post about my diet plan in a few. It so wouldn't make since if I posted it after this.

The place: Cheesecake Factory
The starter: I call it the brown bread
The drink: Strawberry lemonade
The appetizer: Fried macaroni and cheese ( AMAZING )
The ensemble: Pork chops w/ apples, mashed potatoes, spinach
The Desert: Carrot Cake swired cheesecake