Hey Baby. Was You Given Me The EYE?

Photo: El Azteca Restaurant, Atlanta Ga

Quickie tips for getting the most kisses for your money.

The prices of alcohol at local restaurants and lounge spots are ridiculous, but you're not getting my money. Ok I do like the finer things in life, but as of now I know what my money can do. It's all about money management for me, Im not trynna impress or entertain anyone.

True Story: So when I need to unravel for less I always hit up a mexican restaurant, they have pitchers of margaritas going for $17.00-$20.00. See now we talking right, for the price of one drink there you can get a full pitcher here! Add in some free chips and salsa, just live your life!! But please don't drink the whole pitcher solo, nobody likes a sloppy drunk. Be responsible.

Insert into Google ( mexican restaurants in your city state ) and the locations will come pouring in. Me love to save money, it helps me on my quest in becoming my own boss.