That's The Picture They Paint.

Sighting: Leaving the Besharat Art Gallery, 175 Peters St, Atlanta, GA 30313

Earlier That Day: It was such a reality show moment, a crew of 5 storm into the Besharat Art Gallery, dressed all differently yet giving the same statement; self expression. She says, "who are yall, you guys look famous", I look up at her and smirk, we are. Holding my favorite Gucci portfolio bag, jotting down the stories behind the art work I noticed that we hardly ever question the artists work. We never say "well I don't like the color, Im not feelin the medium, I don't like the inspiration that they used", no we respect and appreciate the work of art. In my relationships and encounters I've found that alot of people are undereducated, over opinionated and lack awareness to the rest of the world.

She, I call her that because I forgot her name, Im so bad with names, I only remember beat faces. So she says "you must be in the fashion industry", I relied no, not really. Ofcourse Im the wrong one to ask questions because they'll never get answered. Im into self expression and branding I said, fashion is the form that I use. I guess this is why I do what I want and people's critiques never get to me. Im my own palette, you can't tell me what to paint. Im driven by the moods that Im in, I might pair a double breasted with a jean because that day Im not taking myself too serious. Then I might throw on a full suit with sneakers expressing that I mean business but Im still down for playtime aswell. It's obvious that most of us show how we feel on the outside by draping ourselves with pieces that collectively tell a story. Certain sharp cuts in suits let's the observer know that you're much more distinguished. So is the term "fashion" used by ones who are not yet capable of self expression? I just realized why Im so damn cocky; Im an artist.

Photo Detail: I woke up late and didn't feel like doing too much, there was no need to throw on tons of different textures and colors. I was in a relaxed state of mind. I paired this Brooks Brothers double breasted pinstripe suit jacket with my wool pant from Banana Republic, I didn't want to wear a full suit that day. I wanted to be comfortable so I just grabbed my white v-neck-I feared being locked under a button down. I felt that my presumptuousness of excessive belief wasn't shown so I added color by throwing on pink poke a dot socks, I love how they play off the grey pant and brown slipper. The pocket square was added because I wanted some Hermes inside me. Perfect compliment.