Dance, Dance, Dance.

Photographer: Terry Richardson

He prefers being a producer than an artist.
He thinks the sexiest woman musician in Alicia Keys.
He writes his own songs.
He did modeling for Louis Vuitton in 2006.
He often wears clothes from his own clothing line called BBC, which stands for Billionare Boys Club.
He is usually seen wearing trucker hats.
He attended Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach. Pharrell was in a marching band in high school in which he played the snare drum.
Pharrell has two younger brothers named Cato and Solomon Cato is a professional skateboarder.
Pharrell is the lead singer of the band N*E*R*D, along with his two childhood friends Chad Hugo and Shae Haley.
The name of Pharrell Williams' band is N*E*R*D in which he stated in an interview that it means "No-one Ever Really Dies."
Pharrell's first royalty check was for writing "Rumpshaker" for Wreckx-N-Effect, for $15,000. He blew it on clothes by Ralph Lauren.
Pharrell created the Ice Cream skateboard team, and worked with Skateboard icon Tony Hawk to encourage inner city youth to participate in the X-Games competitions. He is one of the few rappers who likes to skates.

"When you're dancing, you're dancing for people to see."-Pharrell Williams