She Lied.

Clip: Infomercial for Express 101 Cooker

So I was up at 4 am on Saturday night, I watched 30 minutes of Kathy talking about this Express 101 Cooker. I wanted it because I could make up to 101 recipes, even re-creating my leftovers. So before I bought it I wanted to hear some reviews:

"I purchased this thinking it would save some time in the morning for breakfast. I used it twice and everything sticks and the spatula they give to you is very flimsy and doesn't work very well. I was very dissappointed." -Barbara Smith from Lincoln CA on 08/20/08

"I found was certain sizes of food will not fit into the pockets. I tried making a quesadilla and it just didn't work out too well. If you want truly, all over/even cooking with your food, it has to be a "half moon" shape. With my second GT Express 101, the teflon coating didn't flake onto my food until the 3rd time I cooked with it. The first and second occasions that I cooked with my second product, I was happy and thought it was quite convenient. But then while cooking my salmon and tuna steak on the 3rd try, I was highly disappointed and demanded a refund back. That was a hassle!!! What a crock, huh? So for all of you who are just as curious as I was, I would not give a second thought to the GT Express 101. If you have to, cook with regular pots and pans and use the George Forman Grill (which I highly recommend!!!)"-Andrea from Cary, NC on 04/05/08

"The teflon started coming off my GT xpress the second time I used this product. I followed the cleaning instructions but that did not matter. I cannot use this product any longer, everything sticks. Customer service wanted $14.95 for shipping a new cooker to me. For what, to eat the teflon again? Sadly I bought a few units to give for presents when I bought my unit. Now I am too embarrassed to ask if the recipients like it. I am sure they ate teflon too. Shipping charges are outrageous. I give this product 2 thumbs down!!" -Sandee Smith from Vernon, CT on 12/06/07

Guess I can keep my credit card and appetite in my wallet.