Double Entendre.

Photo: Bob Colacello and Bianca Jagger

I'll be the first one to admit that my generation sometimes lack creativity, when you study the past it's easier to understand the present. See Im no world history teacher so Im not talking about your Topical Approaches book, but I believe that we should study our craft and it's history. Alot of people have been in the game for decades, raining that is, so when I come across my peers and we speak about business alot don't fully know the history of their " I wanna be a designer, stylist or fashion editor" positions. Yeah you might have the look but do you have the books? There are really successful ones sitting high and pretty and between you and I they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Check the credits, some people have had the same positions since 1984, yeah I know. My advice, and I use to be so against this, get an internship under these accomplished people. Yes we are the new age, and things are different but just as Bob Colacello put it, "Today people break the rules without even knowing what the rules are. Someone like Andy Warhol knew art history forward and backwards. So Andy was able to break the rules like Picasso did because they both knew what they were rebelling against. Today kids are just rebelling, but in this aimless way."

Know your knowledge, learn your craft. Learn it well.