I Not A Mexican.

Photos: Baja Fresh, Miami Florida

I was in search of some new spots to dine at, but Mr. Richy Ro$$ loves mexican food, so we get all the way to Florida and he is craving some fast food joint called Baja Fresh. I wanted to explore the culinary , he wanted to explore this burrito. Now you know I was over it, the lady at the counter taking my order didn't understand me, I didn't understand her, so I told her to just give me whatever. We get to the table and he GOES IN. It's called concentration, he worked that rito. Look how he attacked it. Now I will admit the food was pretty good, I had chicken taquitos with beans n rice, so if there's a Baja Fresh by you it's a great place for fast mexican food.

Now that my hair actually moves when the wind blows everybody thought I was a native, I don't speak mexican. Notice how I grabbed the title post from Lucy in the 1995 Clueless movie.