Photo: Supra and Gourmet Sneakers
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True Story: We're in Miami, I go to my boys room in search of a pair of shoes to wear to the beach, I only brought velvet slippers and I hate sandals, so he has over 20 pair of sneakers he packed, I went down the line as he informed me of each one and it's history. The Gourmets, which are handcrafted in another country or something. I think he thought that would tickle my fancy, I mean I was slightly impressed but I passed. I don't do sneakers, but my friend you have a problem. Your sneaker collection is sick.

Collection: Gourmet 2008

Collection: Gourmet 2009

Now you're prolly wondering, why is Phifer blogging about sneakers, I'll admit I can't get with the 2008 collection, but the 2009 is my english.