The Jump Off.

Photos: Pomodoros Pizza, 2413 Galiano St
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Maybe it's because my dad is half italian and I tend to love pastas and wine-or not, but one of my favorite sining moments is eating pizza. No, Im not talking Papa John's or PizzaHut, the rest I won't even address, but it's nothing like a big sloppy slice of pizza-you can't tell me nothing, if you ain't got sauce n crust then you ain't got nothing for me. I've found that the best places who serve the best slices are always mom and pop places. There I could never imagine eating a whole pie, but the fresh ingredients made to order on my individual slices is my favorite part, and those garlic bread rolls were DOPE! But you already know, I ended up eating the rest of my pizza the next morning, no microwave involved-that's when you know it's good.