Lip Service.

Title: Madre e figlia: Tina e Lisa Bilotti, 1981
Artist: Andy Warhol

Yesterday I was out shopping for my mother. Her and I like to buy each other facial creams. She was the first person to buy me eye cream at 15 because she said I was growing lines. I hated it then. But now my skin resembles a perfect buttered pancake at iHOP. Gracias Mamá. So as I was picking her up some Arrete Booster C by Revive the young lady tried to sell me some Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Fastscription™ Advanced No-Injection Lip Plumper. She said " oh this is a great product, it's our # 1 seller, even I use it". I said oh no she only wears Chanel lip gloss. The sales woman said no it's not gloss, without a single injection, lips gain visible fullness. I looked at her and said no, this is gloss. It's no way that this product can replace or serve as a lip injection. There is a big difference. You think that your lips are bigger but in reality you just have on alot of gloss. And to think that women and some men are actually believing that these glosses are serving as the no-injection method to gaining a fuller lip. Collagen injections are prepared from the collagen found in cow skin and is used to temporarily augment the lips. Now gloss will distract the real appearance and size of your lips, but it does not take the place of an injection. An injection is an injection. Awkward silence. Are you ready to be checked out? Yes. Cute gloss by the way.