Did You Do Your Homework Marquis?

Photo: My bedside; Details magazine, bacon crumbs and Sunny Delight juice

So I was in my 9am class on yesterday and I swear I wanted to scream. Do they pre-screen these professors? -BORE THE HELL OUTTA ME. As he's lecturing us about the French Revolution Im reading my March Issue of Details magazine. And I sit on the first row. Im guessing he noticed that I was pre-occupied so he asks me a question and I look up and say what? I don't know, and continued to finish the Kanye article. Im sure he secretly wonders how is it that Im able to pass all of his exams with a B or better. Here comes the addiction, as class let's out I rush to the Ralph Lauren store, Hi Tim!! All this tension of being a college student and brand gets to my head. I spent an amount that I will not repeat. I felt so good afterwards, I got some good stuff. Aesthetics is my thing. I walk around the store excited to see all the new pieces, putting looks together in my head, now this is the homework I like to do. Im addicted to spending money on consumer goods. Im addicted to fashion magazine ads and pictorials. This is the work I like to do. The ultimate degree is getting paid for what you like to do. I stay doing homework. Class is dismissed.