Let's Start A Band. I'll Lead.

Collection: Band Of Outsiders Fall 2009

This is exactly what I've been talking about this season, give me contrast!! When I saw this collection I glanced in the mirror and smiled, this has to be my favorite thus far. The blazer paired with the sweat pants is so me right now. The cropped double breasted reminds me of the Phillip Lim blazer that I already own-use these collections as blueprints for what you might already have in your closet. The key to alot of these looks is the "fit", you can find pieces that resemble collections by hitting up vintage spots. Im a realist and I hate blogging/blogs that talk about shit that I know I can't afford, I call that fantasy posting. I live in reality, so make the best out of your current wardrobe and continue to purchase staple pieces. Mix and match high and low, best kept secret.