What Are You Waiting For Workout Plan.

Above Photo: Customized "M" workout towel, selling for $5, keep me with you at all times during your workouts

Ok, so you say you wanna lose weight right, but you still fat. If you really wanted to lose it you could. You just lazy and lack motivation and discipline. Yeah I said it. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ( Believe In Something ). See sometimes you gotta go to the bottom in order to make it to the top. I find that when you challenge yourself you'll actually be surprised of how much you can take.

Losing weight, whether it's 10-15lbs or 50-100lbs is all in the head. Once you get your mind right it'll be easy. Now this is my 3rd and LAST workout plan, if you haven't lost it by now then it just wasn't meant to be. I know the summer and spring break is approaching so everybody has to come up out those layers so we can see that body. I'll share with you what I do, if you agree or disagree...well that's your business, but it's my plan and Im sticking to it. Im keeping it real simple and raw. Im not gonna get into your eating habits or your metabolism, but this plan is for quick weight loss, meaning I have an event in 4 weeks type of thing. But please remember, you should workout and eat good on the regular so you won't gain it back. See you know your body better than me so you already know if you eat those fries what will happen. Make this your last attempt at trying to lose it and just shut up, do it and lose it.

Breakfast: half of a grapefruit ( 37 calories ), fat free hot coca ( 25 calories )
Lunch: 90 calorie Special K Bar and bowl of SK cereal ( of your choice )
Snack: cup of red grapes ( 110 calories ), cheese stick ( 50 calories )
Dinner: soup ( 60-80 calories ), salad/ no dressing ( 40 calories ) baked fish ( 100 calories )

Cardio:60 min on the treadmill and I usually burn off 800-900 calories.

Do you see the formula? Consume less calories than you burn and drink lots of water. And that's it. Real simple. Remember it's a mind thing, it ain't that hard. Now is this plan realistic for everybody?, Hell no but some of us don't have time to make weight a lifetime issue. This is strictly for the ones who need to shed a few pounds. I write down and calculate what I eat, it's keeps me aware of my successes. This plan is not for everybody, so if you're trying to lose more than 20 then consult with your doctor, NOT ME. I'll admit it will take some getting use to but if you want it you'll get it. If not, we'll hear you singing the "I wanna lose a few pounds" song on repeat this same time next year.

Happy spring summer. It starts and stops when you're ready.